Relaunching of New Patentable leadership Podcast

Dr. Tolu Adeleye, Executive Coach, has
Relaunched New Patentable Leadership
Podcast for Equipping Executives & Leaders

Wholesome Career Living Inc. is proud to announce the relaunching of its podcast- Patentable Leadership to a new audience of professionals.

The new format of the podcast will equip mid-career professionals and business executives in the STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics), biotech and pharmaceutical industries to maximize their unique leadership construct.

‘In the new normal world of today, professionals need to be able to retool their leadership and reinvent their professional brands on a continuous basis in order to experience fresh and sustained growth’ says Podcast Host Tolu Adeleye, PhD.

‘Patentable Leadership Podcast provides empowerment and inspiration for professionals to do this’.

The podcast is an educational-interview-case studies style podcast that provides practical strategies and actionable tips explained through engaging conversations and eye-opening stories.

Through featured interviews with leadership experts and movers and shakers of the STEM and biopharma industries, Tolu equips you the leader to use your unique leadership make-up in new ways through a process of recombination of pieces of your personal, professional and educational backgrounds.

You will glean insights on how to use these new combinations to create new career opportunities, new leadership positions, new business offerings, new partnerships and new profit vehicles. The ultimate goal is that you the listener will achieve astounding well-rounded success in your business and life.

New episodes of Patentable Leadership Podcast will air every Monday.

Leaders and professionals are encouraged to subscribe to the Podcast so that they do not miss any of the featured interviews or insight-filled teachings on timely leadership topics.

Listen to the New Patentable Leadership Podcast on Apple Podcasts and your favorite podcast portals.

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