Tolu Adeleye PhD

Hi. I’m Dr. Tolu Adeleye.

Hi, I’m Dr. Tolu Adeleye.  I am an author, executive coach and leadership consultant who enjoys equipping mid-career professionals and executives like you with tools for continuous growth in your career and business.  I provide online courses on the theme of reinvention. In addition, I have hosted virtual summits on the theme of reinvention as a tool for growth and leadership transformation.

How do you approach boosting your leadership acumen so as to get to the next level in your STEM or biopharma career? How do you ensure that you maintain cutting edge status as a business executive?  Through working with an executive coach or mentor. I love championing the successes of STEM and Biopharma leaders and executives, who are able to shift from stunted growth to fresh booming growth in their careers

As a Leadership Maximizer, I help executives and professionals in the STEM and biopharma industries to take on a stance for continuous reinvention of their professional brand, while retooling their leadership as they take on progressive career positions or secure new business ventures.

Through Patentable Leadership Consulting, I provide Maximize Your leadership Coaching for individuals and groups.

As a former biotechnology research scientist, I understand the demands of the STEM and biopharma industries and I am passionate about helping you maximize your leadership potential.

I invite you to connect with me, book a complimentary discovery session to explore how I may help you and your organization fulfill your leadership goals.

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